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Auburn Veterinary Hospital
10275 E Washington St | Chagrin Falls, OH 44023

Auburn Veterinary Hospital was started in 1945, by my father, Dr. Peter J. Clemens, Jr., who for some time was the only veterinarian in Geauga County. As the only veterinarian in the county he would take care of any animal that needed help, from dogs & cats to cattle & chickens. Auburn Veterinary Hospital has brought many firsts to Geauga County. Our practice not only had the first x-ray machine and the first EKG machine but also the first blood analyzer, dental equipment, computer assisted diagnosis, acupuncture, homeopathy, advanced dental procedures, and advanced orthopedic procedures.
I remember that he would take radiographs of people so they could show the films to their physician.

Also we are the first and only practice in the county to have a veterinarian followed into practice by his son. Soon we may also be the only practice to have a daughter follow into a third generation as two of my daughters are hoping to become veterinarians.

Currently, Auburn Veterinary Hospital is a small animal practice, with a staff of 5 veterinary assistants to assist Dr. Paul Clemens in treating your wonderful dogs & cats. And to help further the care for pets in this area Bridge Creek Kennel, located next door, was created and is regarded as one of the finest boarding kennels in the county.


Chagrin Animal Clinic in Chagrin Falls, OhioChagrin Animal Clinic
16680 W Park Circle Drive | Chagrin Falls, Ohio
440-708-2828 | Website

Drs. Jim Eldridge and Caryn Scaravelli are currently working with OncoPet to screen for cancer through blood tests.

There is now a blod test through OncoPet that can determine if a dog has cancer. The cancers that can be detected are as follows: Lymphosarcoma, Hemangiosarcoma, Osteosarcoma, Mastocytoma, Melanoma, Transition Cell Carcinoma.

Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center in Columbus, OhioOhio State Veterinary Hospital & Medical Ctr.
601 Vernon L. Tharp St. |
Columbus, Ohio 43210
614-292-3551 | Website

The Oncology/Hematology Service at the Veterinary Medical Center at Ohio State provides comprehensive diagnostics and treatment for companion animals with cancer and hematologic diseases.

What to Expect - Clients who are visiting the Oncology Service for the first time with their pet should expect to spend several hours or more with us. This is due to the fact that many of our first-time patients require diagnostic tests that either have to be scheduled with other services in the medical center, such as radiographs and ultrasounds, or take time to obtain the results, such as blood tests.

Special Equipment & Technology - The Veterinary Medical Center at Ohio State University has numerous diagnostic capabilities that are utilized by the Oncology Service on a regular basis. These include computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), polymerase chain reaction (PCR), immunohistochemistry, and flow cytometry, among others.

Common Conditions & Procedures - The Oncology/Hematology Service treats many types of cancer. Some of the most common are lymphoma, osteosarcoma, transitional cell carcinoma, mammary gland carcinoma, mast cell tumor, melanoma, fibrosarcoma and leukemia, among others. We also evaluate and treat patients with hematologic diseases such as immune-mediated anemia, immune-mediated thrombocytopenia, and bone marrow disorders.

Hospice Support - We will aid responsible pet owners with hospice care by providing financial support for mobile vets to come to you home and monitor your dogs’ condition. Mobile vets can check vitals, provide prescriptions, do blood work, and much more. However, this support is solely for monitoring and caring for your dogs health toward the end of life. We do not promote, and will not finance, mobile vet services when your beloved dog has become irreversibly painful or immobile. Mobile vets will offer euthanasia at home.

Mobile Veterinary Services:

Dr. Dan's Ark provides Mobile Vet Services in Geneva, OhioDr. Dan’s Ark
1152 Fortier Road |
Geneva, Ohio 44041
440-415-0500 | Website

Our experience indicates that without the stress, fear and trauma that can occur when animals are taken from familiar surroundings, they heal faster and respond better to veterinary care in the comfort of their own homes.

After working 10 years in a veterinary hospital, Dr. Dan felt that there was a need for a local veterinarian to serve those individuals who would prefer in- home services. He set his sights on providing affordable care, while also providing a convenience to his clients not commonly offered by typical animal practices.

Dr. Dan provides a variety of services for your pet. In the event that your pet requires diagnostics beyond his capability or surgery, he will provide his clients with the name and number of a reliable and capable veterinary hospital in your local area.

Mobile Vet Care and Rainbow Bridge Pet HospiceMobile Veterinary Care &
Rainbow Bridge Pet Hospice

Serving Northeast Ohio
440-338-6088 | Website

Founded in 1993 by Dr. Sharmyn Clark, Mobile Veterinary Care, Inc. (MVC) originally started for pet guardians who were disabled or elderly, but the clientele quickly expanded to include anyone who wants in-home veterinary services. Based in Chagrin Falls, MVC offers professional services to treat four-legged patients in several regions in Northeast Ohio including eastern Cleveland suburbs, Geauga, Lake, Portage and Summit counties.

MVC is ideal for persons who are home bound or who do not have time to take their pets to a veterinary clinic and sit in the waiting room. Canine and feline patients are less anxious being in a familiar home setting versus being taken into a clinic. Along with in-house veterinary exams and treatments, MVC now also provides in-home pet hospice and senior care where aged pets can be kept comfortable and pain-free.

As with humans, pet hospice provides care, comfort, and compassion for elderly or terminally ill cats and dogs when they cannot be cured or no cure is desired. It ensures that the pet has the best possible quality of life during the final stage of life.

The philosophy of hospice care is to provide and facilitate care for terminally ill animals; offering palliative care and pain relief as an alternative to suffering, premature euthanasia, or time spent away from the family while in intensive care. Guardians do not have to transport their pets to and from the clinic, which allows the family to spend more precious quality time at home with their pet.

Another aspect of pet hospice is helping you making very difficult final decisions regarding your pet. No guardian should have to decide to put a four-legged family member to sleep without sound professional advice and sincere compassion. We recognize that many belief systems exist within families concerning their pet's care and when the time is right for the pet to be humanely put to sleep. Our doctors believe whatever decision is made by the owner is always the correct decision. Pets and their guardians in Geauga, eastern Cuyahoga, and parts of Lake, Portage, and Summit counties can benefit from these services.

Dr. Sharmyn Clark, owner and founder of Mobile Veterinary Care Inc., has always provided hospice care for her clients but has had a closed practice for the past 12 years. It was heartbreaking not be able to help the thousands of calls she has received over the years so she decided to expand and provide service to a much larger area. Dr. Gretchen Kocher, who specializes in house calls, hospice and palliative pet care (comfort-based rather than cure-based), joined her in her venture. Dr. Kocher is now accepting clients through out the greater eastern Cleveland area.

It is tragic when cancer complicates "end of life" care for devoted dogs. Many people blessed with service dogs do not have the resources available to offer their companions a gentle, dignified exit.

For further information about Rainbow Bridge Pet Hospice and Senior Care®, contact MVC at 440-338-6088 or

Pet guardians receive care, compassion, and convenience with Mobile Veterinary Care, Inc. To schedule an in-home veterinary visit or request further information, contact MVC at 440-338-6088 or


DeJohn Pet Funeral and Cremation Services | Website
28890 Chardon Road
Willoughby, OH 44092

We are a family-owned pet crematory providing a dignified farewell to your beloved family pet. We provide pet cremation services and pet loss support for families in need.

Sherri DiPietro from DeJohn: "Being an animal lover, volunteer at Geauga Humane Society, Rescue Village for 8 years and a pet parent myself, I needed to know that there was a place that offered dignity and respect to someone’s pet when they passed away.

I lost Tara, my first canine kid to cancer several years ago and I knew that I wanted to have her cremated so that she could come “home” with me where she belonged. Even though I used a company that was referred by my vet, what I found was that my beloved four legged “child “was just a number to them. There was no closure or peace brought to me when I picked up her ashes from a countertop among piling papers with not even a spoken word of sympathy or a question of how I was doing.

When I lost my second soul mate Tootsie, I brought her to DeJohn Pet Services and even though she was the very first animal that the DeJohn family took care of, they understood my loss and took care of Tootsie as if she were their own. She was treated with dignity and respect and was never robbed of her identity as my Tara unfortunately was. Through my devastating loss, I discovered my passion to help families through their grief of losing a pet and thus began my journey with DeJohn Pet Services. With the memories of Tara and Tootsie closely with me, I am granted the privilege of being the arch of transition for the parents having to send their four legged children over the Rainbow Bridge. With having to deal with the loss of their beloved pet, they can rest assured that their furry companions will never be forgotten because here they are never just a number; here they are treated with the same dignity and respect that any member of your family would because here; they are not just your family, they are ours also."

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